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Flood Preparedness: Watch for Sick Trees

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Davey Tree submitted these tips for flood preparedness and tree management. The two might seem unrelated, but they actually have quite a bit in common. Sick trees are more likely to become dislodged during a flood. They can cause damage to your property or to a neighboring area.

Even healthy trees can be a concern in flood-prone areas. This is especially true after a flood. From Davey Tree:

The best way to address these issues is to either remove the tree yourself or get in touch with an arborist. In either case, the decision should be a thoughtful one. Trees take too long to grow and add too much value to property to jump into a decision.

Flood Preparedness: 5 Things to Watch for with Trees

Davey Tree suggested watching for these five factors when it comes to trees:

Flood Preparedness: Tree Management Options

Total removal of a tree isn't always necessary. Here are some other options to consider, as offered by Davey Tree.

In any case, the goal is always to have trees that can stay strong before and after a flood. Don't skip this straightforward and important bit of flood preparedness.

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