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Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Everyday Carry Gear

What is Everyday Carry Gear?

What kinds of everyday carry gear would be on your emergency preparedness checklist?

Everyday carry, or EDC, gear is what we take with us every day, just in case.

For some, everyday carry gear is just a cell phone and a credit card. For me, I carry a simple grouping of tools that over the years have evolved into this emergency preparedness checklist.

The evolution started a long time ago with a pocket knife and grew into a refined collection that can help me solve most simple problems that crop up during my typical day. Depending on what my immediate plans are, I might add to this everyday carry gear with a small hatchet, a bigger knife or a bigger gun.

This emergency preparedness checklist contains enough to stop a fight, not what I would take to war.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Everyday Carry Gear

Here's my emergency preparedness checklist of everyday carry gear:

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