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Eight Ammo-Worthy Targets

Caldwell Shootin’ Gallery Motorized Rimfire Metal TargetThere's nothing like a little trigger time to put a smile on your face. Here are some sweet targets to make shooting more fun and improve your skills.

Caldwell Shootin’ Gallery Motorized Rimfire Metal Target
Moving targets can be a shooter’s biggest challenge and Caldwell’s Shootin’ Gallery Motorized Rimfire Metal Target delivers more fun than a carnival midway. The motor-driven, interactive system allows you to shoot a steady stream of moving targets without pause. Hit 2-inch targets fold over and resent as they re-emerge from the other side of the rotation. Includes a rechargeable battery and charger. Runs 4 to 6 hours on a single charge. ($300;

Champion DuraSeal Spinner Targets
Movement, color and inexpensive, but durable targets are what Champion’s DuraSeal Spinners deliver. DuraSeal is a self-healing material capable of handling nearly any caliber bullet. The target’s unique design allows for rapid target acquisition thanks to its bold colors, yet still requires precise aim. Good for handgun as well as most rifle calibers all the way up to .50 caliber. Available in both a round and diamond design. ($35;



Birchwood Casey Pregame Splattering Targets
Add a little hunting reality as you prepare for the coming fall seasons with these splattering targets from Birchwood Casey. With three new designs added to the line, the company now offers a squirrel, mule deer and elk target that displays the game in full color along with clearly marked vital zones. Bullet holes make a visible splattering shaped fluorescent circle upon impact for easy identification of bullet strikes. Great for rifles, handguns and muzzleloaders. ($13/pack;



Lyman’s Original TargetMan Multi-Target Stand
This stand may well be the ultimate plinking stand, designed to accommodate nearly every conceivable target conceivable, whether you’ll be shooting .22s, air guns, centerfire rifles, even slingshots and bows. The stand comes with a variety of paper targets, fluorescent target pasters and balloons. There are also mounting clips capable of holding clay birds and empty cans. Assembles in minutes. ($21;


Impact-22 Rolling Steel Targets
For a fun reactive target that moves to a new position with every bullet strike, check out the Impact-22. The unique design utilizes three-fin heads to allow the target to be shot from any angle and from virtually any distance. For use with .22 LR caliber only. ($30;\


Gun Digest EZ2C High-Visibility Targets
Here's an idea: See where your shots are landing with high-visibility fluorescent red and white paper targets from EZ2C and Gun Digest. They really work! Targets available in 5 different styles. ($7.29/40-Target Pack;






Do-All .22 Cowbell
Christopher Walken isn’t the only one who “needs more cowbell.” Now shooters can have it too with Do-All Outdoors .22 Cowbell. Yeah, it seems like rimfire shooters have all the fun, but with this swinging cowbell, you can lay down a .22 track better than Blue Oyster Cult. The tone rings true, even if the paint quickly flakes off the cowbell with each bullet impact. ($40;


Caldwell Magnum Resetting Popper
A high-impact resetting magnum popper is the go-to target for many action shooting series and Caldwell’s is rugged, functional and reasonably affordable. Made of premium AR-550 steel, the 14-inch by 4-inch popper sets upon a freestanding frame that puts the target 7 inches off the ground. Stakes hold it the stand firmly in place. An integrated reset spring puts the target back in place after being knocked down. Designed for a minimum distance of 100 yards when shooting centerfire loads of 3,000 fps or below. ($170;

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the Aug. 28, 2014 edition of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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