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The Easy-to-Read Pro-Touch 1500 Reloading Scale

With a large touch-screen display, Lyman’s Pro-Touch 1500 Reloading Scale appears more than user friendly.
With a large touch-screen display, Lyman’s Pro-Touch 1500 Reloading Scale appears more than user friendly.

With a large touch screen, Lyman's Pro-Touch 1500 Reloading Scale looks to have all the user-friendly features needed for long reloading sessions.

A couple hours squinting at a set of calipers and a reloading scale can really take its toil on your eyes. It’s one of the prices reloaders pay in putting together precision ammunition.

Lyman, however, appears ready to take pity on the souls and lens of handloaders with its new digital scale. The Connecticut manufacturer’s Pro-Touch 1500 Reloading Scale looks to have a display to make long reloading session a bit easier, at least on the eyes.

The digital device has nearly 1-inch tall numbers on its weight display, which should make it a snap to take advantage of its sensitivity. Also aiding its readability is the option to turn on soft blue back lighting that really appears to highlight the overall display.

The display is one of the most eye-catching – and saving – features of the Pro-Touch Scale, but it’s not the only one Lyman has packed into the device. As its name suggests, the scale has a slightly different operating system than most digital options today.

The company has integrated the controls into the display with the scale operated from a touch screen. This seems to have two advantages. First, the control buttons are given enough breathing room to avoid fat-fingering them, typically a rarity on devices of this size. And second, they appear to share the same attribute as the weight display – they’re easy to read.

Also, given where touch-screen technology stands today, the controls should also be more responsive than traditional push-buttons systems.

As far as what the scale is capable of, well it should handle most handloaders’ needs. The Pro-Touch has a 1,500-grain capacity and is accurate to one-tenth of a grain. As a nice touch, the scale can work in grains or grams.

The scale comes with a double-spout powder pan, a feature that makes it ambidextrous. It comes with a calibration weight, to help ensure accuracy, and also a dust cover to keep it clean and functional when not in use.

The unit can plug into any 115V wall outlet and is also available in a 230V European model. But the scale can also run off three AAA batteries if a reloader wants to do away with the hassle of wires.

Like all Lyman digital scales, the Pro-Touch 1500 is outfitted with the company’s E-Shield anti-static and anti-drift technology, fully shielding it against electronic interference. The MSRP on the scale is $99.95.

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