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Carrying Your CCW Gun To The Range

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All your pistol needs in one discreet package. The MTM Handgun Concealed Carry Case is perfect for keeping your gear organized.

I try to pretend I'm organized, but sometimes things get away from me. Still, the important things, like my range bag are always as they should be. That's why I was really impressed with the new MTM Handgun Concealed-Carry Case. It is one of those products that makes you say, “Why didn't I think of that?” The Handgun Concealed-Carry Case is an excellent inconspicuous case that makes transferring a concealed-carry handgun and related supplies to and from the range safe, simple and very discreet.  The gun itself is stored in the top of the case and is sandwiched by foam padding to protect and prevent shifting during transport.

The large, deep bucket bottom below the gun storage holds all other supplies such as ammo, cleaning supplies and gun tools.  The Handgun Concealed-Carry Case is double padlock tabbed allowing for complete security.  The case has a tongue-and-groove O-Ring seal system for a superior water-resistance seal.  The Handgun Concealed-Carry Case is molded out of rugged polypropylene plastic, has a heavy-duty latching system and contains molded-in stacking ridges for added versatility.

Drop a Bore-Snake, some cleaning solvent, a few boxes of ammo and even some small targets into the bottom portion and you are ready for a training session at the range.  There is also room for a small tool kit, shooting glasses and ear protection. In short, all of your training gear is in one discreet package and ready for you to stop at the range, even on short notice.  The Item Number is HCC-30 and the MSRP is just $21.95. You can't ask for a better deal.


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