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5 Home Survival Kit Essentials You’ll Forget

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by Pat McHugh

Think fast.

The time it took to read that sentence is how long you'll have to think when disaster hits. If you have a survival kit already prepared, you're doing better than most people.

However, there are five essential items that won't be in that home survival kit because you use them every day. Don't forget them.

From Gun Digest Editors: Make sure your prescriptions are always attached to your medicine. That way you won't need to look for them in case of evacuation.

Personal Documents

Since you live in a disaster prone area, get all personal papers such as personal identification items, deeds, bank books, check books, insurance papers, agents' phone numbers, car titles in one place so you can take them if you have to evacuate. Have them stored in a plastic folder so it’s a grab and go.

Personal Medication

Keep an empty zip-lock poly bag stored inside your medicine cabinet. Place all your personal medications in it and take with you when it is time to evacuate. For help in times of panic, write beforehand on the bag with a marker or make a list of the items you really need to put in this bag when the time comes.


Don’t forget your extra set of glasses or contacts.

Cell Phone Charger

Most of us have cell phones today, make sure you have a car recharging unit to take with you so you will be able to recharge the phone battery from any car lighter or 12V socket. Electricity outlets may not be readily available for your home plug in recharger.

Extra Set of Clothes

If you have the room in your vehicle's trunk, put in an extra set of work type clothes like jeans and t-shirts and clean socks.

Number 6: A Knife

Unless you carry one every day, the Gun Digest editors recommend keeping a knife set aside just for emergencies. Don't forget it. As they say, “your knife is your life.”

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