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3 Reasons to Make Your Own Survival Kit

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There are many types of commercial survival kits available on the market today. Some of these kits are well made. Some are sufficient. And some are lacking in serious survival components.

Although many of these survival kits provide the basics, the quality of the components must fit the selling price of the kit.

In other words, the components may not be chosen based on the quality of the item but on the price of the item. The total price of the items in the kit must fit within the overall selling price that allows the kit to be affordable.

I’m not opposed to commercial survival kits, but there are three reasons I prefer DIY survival kits.

#1 Reason to Make Your Own Survival Kit: Quality

Oftentimes a commercial kit does not provide the highest quality of components. I have always felt that you should spend as much as you can afford on components for your personal survival kit.

After all, you might depend on your kits for survival, and therefore, this is no place to be frugal.

#2 Reason to Make Your Own Survival Kit: Insight

I believe that a survival kit should be designed on an item-by-item basis. In this manner, you are familiar with the individual components.

By packaging your own survival kit, you also know where each item is in an emergency. When you buy a kit that is prepacked, you lose the flexibility of choosing a container that offers you the space for those extra items you desire.

If you do purchase a prepackaged survival kit, be sure you become familiar with it before you need it.

#3 Reason to Make Your Own Survival Kit: It's Easy

Lastly, as you will learn from reading my new book, Build the Perfect Survival Kit, 2nd Edition, making your own personal survival kit is not difficult. You can choose your own
container and components, and customize it for your needs.

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