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Hornady Rifle: Auction Features First and Only

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Hornady's first and only rifle is presently up for auction.
Hornady's first and only rifle is presently up for auction – The Hornady Number One. Photo: Gun Broker.

Hornady is better known for manufacturing reloading supplies and ammunition. But the renowned company has recently taken a foray into gun making, producing a one-of-a-kind Hornady rifle now up for auction.

Anyone who’s been around shooting for any amount of time is quick to recognize the name Hornady.

The Nebraska manufacturer has more than made a name for itself churning out bullets, reloading supplies and ammunition for the past half century. But for the first time, the iconic moniker is hanging off something besides Hornady’s cherry-red presses and cartridge headstamps.

The company recently announced it has produced its first and only firearm – The Hornady Number One. And while the thought of another gun company hitting the market might appeal to some, the higher-ups at Hornady are quick to quell any expectations.

“We don't mean to alarm our friends at Remington, Winchester or Ruger. Hornady has no plans of going into the gun business,” Steve Hornady, Hornady president said in a press release.

The Hornady Number One is presently up for sale at Gunbroker and as of Dec. 31 had a top bid of $22,025. And the shooting world will get a gander at the rifle first hand at the upcoming 2015 SHOT Show as one of the convention’s featured firearms.

The firearm was manufactured to help raise money for organizations and programs that promote America's hunting and shooting sports heritage. All proceeds from the rifle's sale will go to such programs and organizations.

While Hornady’s name is on the bolt-action .300 Ruger Compact Magnum, the company gives credit to many others. Hunting Heritage Trust was pointed to as a partner in the rifle’s creation, as well as a number of respected names in the shooting sports industry.

Bill Wiseman & Company, Inc. of College Station, Texas was credited for crafting the precision barrel and action of The Hornady Number One. And a select American Walnut stock was fitted and checkered by Clem Boyd of Lucid Solutions for those occasions when the gun will be on display.

This display stock has the Hornady name inlayed into it with African padauk wood wafers. The padauk wafers are also used as grip cap and butt pad spacers. The reddish-orange wood was specifically selected to pay tribute to the well-known Hornady color scheme.

The Hornady Number One actually is equipped with two custom-fit stocks.

In addition to a precision barrel and action and walnut stock, The Hornady Number One also has incredible engraving. Photo: Gun Broker.

For the times the high bidder wants to actually use the unique rifle, the firearm can slip it into is is custom-fit Hogue camo stock. The Hornady Number one is also outfitted with a Leupold VX-6 2.5×12, 42mm scope, mounted with Talley rings and integral base.

The gun’s engraving was done by David Baron and Baron Engraving of Trumbull, Conn. No company has engraved more SHOT Show firearms than Baron Technology, according to the press release.

To complement the Hornady package, the gun will be delivered with a case of Hornady .300 RCM cartridges with each box in the case signed by Steve Hornady. In addition, the high bidder will receive a signed Letter of Authenticity from Hornady.

The rifle will be displayed at the SHOT Show and ultimately in the home or office of the high bidder in a custom glass and walnut display case by Scout Products of Webb City, Missouri.

In keeping with SHOT Show auction tradition, the Hornady rifle will be auctioned exclusively at GunBroker. The online auction will conclude at 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday, January 23, 2015, the final day of the 2015 SHOT Show.

The Hornady Number One needs only auction for more than $136,014.00 to break the all-time SHOT Show Rifle Auction record set in 2013.

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