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Gun Buying Demand Surges for the Colt Python

High polished Colt Pythons. Photo from Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns of the World.
High polished “Double Diamond” Colt Pythons. Photo from Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns of the World.

Colt Python revolvers and all other Colt wheel guns are in big demand across the nation, with prices skyrocketing.

The situation is no different at Collectors Firearms, said owner Danny Clark, with some of the iconic Pythons he offers going for as much $4,000 apiece. Colt Diamondbacks also come with a hefty price tag—up to $2,500.

Actually, Clark said pre-1980 double-action revolvers in general have seen a surge in collector interest, including those made by Smith and Wesson (S&W). An S&W Model 29 revolver, for example—yes, none other than the “Dirty Harry” wheelgun—is bringing in up to $1,800 apiece, several hundred dollars more than just a few months ago. The classic S&W Model 25 revolver is also being snapped up, with collectors paying up to $1,500 for one.

Danny Clark — Collectors Firearms, Houston, Texas,

Colt Pythons Spark Bidding Wars At the Most Recent RIA Gun Auction

Frequent and exciting bidder battles punctuated the most recent firearms auction at Rock Island Auctions (RIA), noted RIA owner Pat Hogan, and resulted in $11.6 million in total sales.

The biggest battle of the day two took place over a first-year production Colt Python revolver, serial No. 170. Bids climbed outside of the typical range for a Python as two phone bidders squared off. When it was all over, the final bid stood at an astounding $17,250!

Day two saw a good many Pythons cross the auction block to a flurry of bids. Two Angelo Bee engraved revolvers were snatched up for $8,050 and $7,475, respectively. A 1958 production Python achieved $7,475, while over two dozen of the revolvers pulled down over $3,000.

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