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The Falco Model 34 holster


Lest you think I am the sole arbiter of what makes a goodholster, I passed some of the heavy lifting off to others here atthe home office. Ad sales rep Bruce Wolberg got a box of holstersdumped on his desk and reached for the Falco 433/2, a nylon IWBmodel for the Walther PPS. Here is his report.


“Inside the waist band holsters have to be worn correctly,”reported Wolberg. “Part of that is wearing larger size pants toaccommodate the pistol. Because of this I found the holster alittle uncomfortable to wear for a long time. But it could havebeen more about the pants than the holster. I also expected theholster to conceal the pistola bit better. Don’t get me wrong, it’sa well made holster and if worn correctly it will do the job withflying colors.”


The 433/2 by Falco has a nice open-bottomed design and a sweatguard to keep the gun off your skin. The metal belt clip isunobtrusive and works well. MSRP: $24.88 from www.falcoholsters.com.


As a traditionalist Wolberg often points out how much he likesleather holsters. Still Blade-Tech caught his eye with a Kydex beltslide model that fit his Colt Commander perfectly. It is from theEclipse series and is available for several different models.


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“Ok, I was always a leather holster guy,” he said, “but I haveto tell you I was surprised by this holster. First I hardly felt iton my hip. The pistol drew and returned very easily and it coveredup with a shirt over it better than any other holster I tried. Itfits very close to the body. It would be a great carry holster forthe Commander.”


Built with stout rubber belt loops, a sweat guard and aretention adjustment screw, this Blade-Tech Eclipse topped all thatquality workmanship off with a nice little molded area to acceptthe laser module from a Crimson Trace Laser Grip. A very nicetouch. MSRP: $69.95 from www.blade-tech.com.


To make Wolberg feel a bit more at home I assigned him to reviewthe Gould and Goodrich 891-K40, an open-top, belt slide leatherrig. This is a minimalist piece of gunleather offering a nice tightfit and a cool belt attachment system that helps to stabilize thepistol and holster. It will fit belts up to 1 ¾ inches wide andremember, wider and stiffer is better for a gunbelt.


“I really liked this holster and would use it all the timeanywhere I was not too worried about concealment,” he said.“Because it hangs outside the belt, even when pulling a shirt overthe gun, the butt did seem to stand out. A cover jacket would bebetter. This holster was comfortable and well made and fit myCommander perfectly.” MSRP: $28.11 from www.gouldusa.com Previous Page Next Page