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Video: Rundown On Shooting On The Move

Effectively shooting on the move starts at the ground up.

When bullets are flying nobody is standing still. Find that hard to believe? Dial up a video of a traffic stop gone bad and you’ll see the officer involve—and most likely the perp—don’t have their feet rooted to the ground. Which segues into the topic at hand, effectively shooting on the move.

Honestly, it’s not the easiest skill to master, not simply because you subtracted the most important asset to accuracy—stability. But shooting on the move also forces you to do two things at once, which—chewing gum and walking cracks aside—is no easy task. The reason, as Jamie Caldwell points out in the above video, is because you’re not just trotting around, pumping the trigger. Instead, you’re engaging in a controlled gate, while executing all the fundamentals that get you hits. As the instructor at 1-Minute Out and former special operator demonstrates, doing this correctly all starts from the ground up.

Your feet and legs do almost all the work in this process, not simply propelling you to the next point, but steadying the rest of your body for shooting. They absorb all the shock so your gun isn’t bouncing while you move. Conversely, your upper body remains as stable as possible, almost as if you were shooting from a stationary position. Caldwell breaks down each part in detail in the video, so it’s worth watching in its entirety. He also demonstrates a simple drill to bone up on shooting on the move. This might be the most important part of his spiel, given getting this skill down pat requires practice.

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