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Video: 5 Gun Commercials that are a Blast

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Gun commercials, for the most part, are a new phenomenon. Firearms and gun accessories manufacturers and retailers have typically relied on print advertisements in such fine publications as Gun Digest the Magazine to get their message out. But the times are changing. With the rise of cable TV and the Internet, gun commercials are becoming more and more common.

With gun commercials in their infancy, there are quite a few that have yet to hit the mark when it comes to thrill factor. But then there are others that are way ahead of the curve. Here are five gun, ammo and accessory commercials that caught our eye and we're pretty sure will catch yours too.

Smith & Wesson kicks it off with this short and compelling spot for its M&P products. The company squeeze a lot into this short video and doesn't have to say a word to convey the versatility and reliability of its firearms.

Glock is no fool. The company understands when it comes to firearms, badass and dry wit you can't go wrong with R. Lee Ermey — even if the Gunny is just delivering the tagline for its gun commercial.

Tac-Con came up with one of the most captivating products of 2014 and the commercial to go with it. Without a word or a graphic, the company showcases its 3M Trigger system and leaves its audience speechless.

Hornady is the company that brought you zombie-spec ammunition. Obviously, you showoff that type of ammo on one thing — zombies.

TAPCO has produced the most exciting tool promo EVAH! This spot for the company's Armorer's Tool has everything — guns, explosions, a bottle opener.

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