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TRUGLO Introduces Turkey Model of Tactical Red Dot Sight

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Red Dot Sight
TRUGLO Gobble Stopper Triton Series.

This versatile red dot sight allows hunters to adjust to any conditions, no matter what turkey season throws at them.

Anybody who hunts turkeys understands the venture is far from shooting fish in a barrel.

The jittery nature of the bird alone is enough to send most hunters home empty handed. But even if old Tom is kind enough to let his guard down to come into shooting range, then there is the whole issue of making one of the dicer shots in hunting.

A turkey’s noggin, after all, is about the same size as a baseball. In the heat of battle it doesn’t take much to miss.

TRUGLO aims to tip the scales when it comes to staying on target during turkey season with its newest red dot sight.

The Triton Gobble Stopper is based on the Texas manufacturer’s tactical Triton optics and incorporates many of its features. Perhaps the most striking is its multi-colored reticle.

The optic can cycle through green and red reticles and also comes outfitted with a brightness control. These are important features, taking environmental factors out of play when drawing a bead and making the shot.

The 3 MOA dot on the circle-dot pattern is perfect for turkey hunting. The circle equals 24 inches at 30 yards, allowing the precise delivery of the bulk of shot on target.

The optic is the usual 1x and has a 30mm objective lens, making it a practical choice for low and full light. It comes with a sunshade to eliminate glare, for those birds that might come in during the midday sun. The guts of the sight are housed in a CNC-machined aluminum tube that has been tested to remain true even on the hardest-kicking shotguns.

The optic is fully adjustable for elevation and windage and a 3v 2032 battery powers it. It is also outfitted with extra battery storage, so hunters never have to worry about running out of juice at the moment of truth. And the sight has a weaver-style mount, making it a simple-to-add accessory to any turkey gun.

Similar to most TRUGLO products, the Gobble Stopper comes at a decent price. Most online retailers have it listed in the $80 to $100 range.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the thrifty price equates to poor merchandise. TRUGLO has won many fans – especially its Triton series – as a cost-effective optic that delivers. That could spell trouble for long beards strutting around this season.

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