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Target Stand Looks to Make Shooting Setup a Snap

P3 Ultimate Target Stands looks to make shooting setup and takedown a snap.
P3 Ultimate Target Stands looks to make shooting setup and takedown a snap.

CTK Precision’s P3 Ultimate Target Stand is an intriguing system allowing shooters to set up targets nearly anywhere.

Whether on public lands or at a buddy’s farm outside of town, it’s great to have a place to go shooting – especially without a range fee.

The trouble with these little slices of paradise, however, is setting up for more formal shooting. Certainly, the wide-open spaces of BLM land are great for plinking around, but might not be the best for scoping in a rifle.

Typically, the trouble for someone aiming at tuning in an optic or shoot at silhouettes is where they attach their targets. It seems when they’re most needed trees can be scare commodities.

Luckily, there have been some elegant solutions to setting up targets in the field quickly and affordably. One that appears to score on both counts is one of CTK Precision’s newest products.

What looks to make the P3 Ultimate Target Stands so nifty is its simplicity. In essence, the system is a set of heavy-duty legs and braces that hold furring strips, of which targets are attached. But the stand's minimalism in design has some potential benefits.

Perhaps the first that pops out is the stand's potential for fast setup and takedown. The system utilizes clamping plates adjusted with screw knobs, meaning a target can be put up without the use of a single tool.

P3 Ultimate Target Stand uses furring strips to mount targets and can be adjusted to fit nearly any sized target on the market.

The other feature that could turn shooters’ heads is the stand's cost. The Wisconsin manufacturer lists the P3 with a MSRP of $60. Given furring strips typically won't break the bank, the system overall seems fairly economical.

The stand is made of 14-gauge tubing and its feet from 3/8-inch rod, which should give it the backbone for years of use. The metal pieces have an E-coat finish, helping to prevent rust in humid climates.

The legs are 24 inches in length and are angled to provide a stable four-point stance no matter how rough the terrain. The legs are also designed to be further anchored in the ground or with sandbags, if the conditions are particularly windy.

CTK appears to have gone the extra mile in making the stand stable, integrating a cleaver bracing system. Instead of just a screw fastening the furring strips, the stand utilizes clamping plates that evenly disperses pressure on the lumber.

The system comes with four large clips to attach paper or cardboard targets. But the company has thrown in some twists to make the stand a more versatile shooting accessory.

CTK sells bottle holders (MSRP $6) that quickly turn the stand into a reactive target. One gander at the video below, demonstrates the potential this extra.

Certainly, heading out into the country to shoot around isn’t an option everyone can enjoy. But for those that can, CTK certainly looks to have produced a system worth taking a shot at.


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