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TriStar Introduces the Raptor ATAC Turkey Shotgun

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Turkey Shotgun
TriStar Arms Raptor ATAC Turkey Shotgun.

TriStar Arms has had great success with its Raptor ATAC personal defense shotgun. Now the company has taken aim at the sporting world, offering the 12 gauge in a turkey hunting model.

Depending on who you talk to, Turkish-made shotguns are either the bane of all scatterguns lovers' existence or are solid-performing firearms at a great price.

Overall, TriStar Arms' Raptor ATAC seems to have earned the latter reputation. The Turkish-made semi-automatic personal protection shotgun has been around for a couple years now and has won its share of kudos from value-minded shooters.

It should come as no surprise that TirStar has aimed to build off the gun’s success. The Kansas City, Mo., importer has introduced the tactical shotgun to the sporting world with a model tweaked for turkey season.

The Raptor ATAC Turkey shotgun is built around the same receiver as its defensive cousin, but it has a number of features meant to make it easier to bag a long beard.

The 12-guage shotgun is patterned in Mossy Oak Break Up camouflage on its stock and foregrip, to keep it stealthy around the jittery birds. It features a 24-inch barrel and chambers five 3-inch shells extending its reach to make the long shot. And it has a removable choke that is fitted with Beretta Mobile threads and comes with one extended turkey choke tube.

The gun comes with all the standard features of the Raptor line, including Picatinny rail for the easily addition of the optic of your choice. But the shotgun is ready to shoot out of the box, outfitted with a ghost ring sight. The chamber and barrel are also chrome lined, prolonging the firearm's lifespan and making it easier to clean. The MSRP on the Raptor ATAC Turkey Shotgun is $489.

To be certain, the Raptor might not be the first choice for seasoned turkey hunters, whose tastes might run more towards legacy guns that will be handed down to the next generation. But for someone looking to see if they have the taste for the sport, the relatively inexpensive gun appears to be an option.

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