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SHOT 2015: Encore Pro Hunter Now Offered as Complete Package

Whether rifle, pistol or otherwise, the T/C Encore offers shooters precision and flexibility.

There is a certain attraction to hunting with single-shot firearms. With the margin of error nil, hunters must be at the top of their game for that single trigger pull.

Thompson/Center Arms is reintroducing one of the most popular single-shot firearms as a complete package this year. Shooters and hunters can now enjoy the precision of an Encore Pro Hunter as a fully assembled firearm.

There are still choices to be made in getting behind the trigger of a Pro Hunter. Thompson/Center is offering the break-action firearm as either a pistol or rifle and in four different caliber choices.

As a rifle, shooters can pick between a .243, .30-06 or .308. Configured as a pistol, the Pro Hunter is available as a .223 or .308. But just because the firearm is purchased in one caliber or platform, doesn’t mean it has to spend its lifetime configured that way.

One of the attractions of the Pro Hunter is the ability to interchange barrels, stocks and grips. The firearm isn’t even confined to centerfire rifle ammunition; it can make the jump to shotgun, slug gun or even muzzleloader.

The T/C Encore Pro Hunter has a starting MSRP of $791.

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