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Para Ordnance Pricing & Reference

Are You in the Market for a Para Ordnance Firearm?

Know what your Para Ordnance firearms are worth with this up-to-date 12-page .PDF download from the 19th edition of Standard Catalog of Firearms.

* Completely updated

pricing for Para Ordnance firearms with new entries and photos
* Sleeper Alerts: Collectible guns that are outpacing the market
* Links to manufacturers’ website Learn pricing and values for these Para Ordnance firearms:

Para-Ordnance Model P14.45
Para-Ordnance Model P14.45 Limited
Para-Ordnance Model P14.45 LDA/P14.45 LDA Stainless
Para-Ordnance Model P16.40
Para-Ordnance Model P16.40 Limited
Para-Ordnance Model P16.40 LDA
Para-Ordnance Model P13.45
Para-Ordnance Model P13.45/P12.45 Limited
Para-Ordnance Model P12.45 LDA/P12.45 LDA
Para-Ordnance Model P12.45/P12.40
Para-Ordnance Model P10.45/P10.40/P10.9
Para-Ordnance Model P10.45 Limited
Para-Ordnance Model P18.9
Para-Ordnance Model P18.9 LDA
Para-Ordnance Model C7 .45 LDA (Para Companion)
Para-Ordnance Model C6.45 LDA (Para Carry)
Para-Ordnance Model Stealth Carry
Para-Ordnance Model Para CCW
Para-Ordnance Model Para Companion Carry Option
Para-Ordnance Model Tac Four
Para-Ordnance Model Tac-Four LE
Para-Ordnance Para PXT
Para-Ordnance Model OPS
Para-Ordnance Model OPS
Para-Ordnance Model LTC
Para-Ordnance Model LTC Alloy
Para-Ordnance Model LTC Stainless
Para-Ordnance Model Hawg 9
Para-Ordnance Model OPS
Para-Ordnance Model 1911
Para-Ordnance Model 1911 SSP
Para-Ordnance Warthog
Para-Ordnance Stealth Warthog
Para-Ordnance Slim Hawg
Para-Ordnance Stainless Warthog
Para-Ordnance Lite Hawg 9
Para-Ordnance P12.45
Para-Ordnance P13.45
Para-Ordnance Midnight Blue P14-45
Para-Ordnance Hi-Cap LTC
Para-Ordnance Stealth P14.45
Para-Ordnance P14.45
Para-Ordnance P18.45
Para-Ordnance S12.45 Limited
Para-Ordnance S13.45 Limited
Para-Ordnance Stealth S14.45 Limited
Para-Ordnance S14.45 Limited
Para-Ordnance Stealth S16.40 Limited
Para-Ordnance S16.40 Limited
Para-Ordnance Todd Jarrett .40 USPSA
Para-Ordnance Todd Jarrett .45 USPSA
Para-Ordnance Carry Model
Para-Ordnance Stealth Carry
Para-Ordnance CCO (Companion Carry Option)
Para-Ordnance CCW
Para-Ordnance Black Watch Companion
Para-Ordnance TAC-S
Para-Ordnance Black Watch SSP
Para-Ordnance SSP
Para-Ordnance Stealth Limited
Para-Ordnance Limited
Para-Ordnance Carry 12
Para-Ordnance Tac-Four
Para-Ordnance Tac-Five
Para-Ordnance Stealth Hi-Cap .45
Para-Ordnance Hi-Cap .45
Para-Ordnance Colonel
Para-Ordnance Hi-Cap .40
Para-Ordnance Stealth Hi-Cap 9
Para-Ordnance Hi-Cap 9
Para-Ordnance Covert Black Nite-Tac
Para-Ordnance Nite-Tac
Para-Ordnance Nite-Tac .40
Para-Ordnance Nite-Tac 9
Para-Ordnance Hi-Cap Limited .40
Para-Ordnance Stealth Hi-Cap Limited 9
Para-Ordnance Hi-Cap Limited 9
Para-Ordnance Stealth Hi-Cap Ltd. .45
Para-Ordnance Hi-Cap Limited .45

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