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MagnetoSpeed Now Shipping its Newest Barrel-Mounted Chronograph

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MagnetoSpeed's new V3 barrel-mounted chronograph
MagnetoSpeed's new V3 barrel-mounted chronograph.

MagnetoSpeed has produced a unique take on the chronograph and recently the Texas-based company has release its new model, full of user-friendly features.

The chronograph maintains an unusual position in the shooting world.

For your average shooter/reloader the tool is for the most part superfluous. The numbers it provides will do little to help an everyday hunter put more meat on the table. And for the once-a-month plinker, it quickly becomes an expensive dust collector.

On the other end of the spectrum – the wildcatter or F-Class shooter, for instance – a chronograph is eminently useful. Documenting a bullet’s velocity down the provable gnat’s ass can end up being the make or break data on the effectiveness of a particular load.

For the latter shooters, MagnetoSpeed has provided one of the more elegant solutions for collecting shooting data. And recently, the Texas-based company has released an updated version of its barrel-mounted chronograph.

MagnetoSpeed’s V3 offers the same reliable measurement tools of its predecessors, but the device has been refined making it user friendlier. The most substantial tweaks on the unit have come in the chronograph’s functions.

The company most likely won some AR fans with the release of the V3, given the device has a rapid-fire setting. The chronograph is now sensitive enough to detect shots fired at 1100 rounds per minute. It also records the time between shots, calculating the rate of fire.

The sensors on the bayonet have also been modified to handle less sizable guns with the unit capable of measuring air rifles.

The V3 also gives shooters easy interface between the unit and their computer with a micro SD card. The card transfers shooting data in CSV file, which is compatible with most spreadsheet programs. The chronograph can also receive updates through its SD card.

MagnetoSpeed burst on the scene a couple of years back and has won its share of kudos from shooters. The convenience of the chronograph is not the only aspect that has won fans, but also how it functions.

Unlike most chronographs, which rely on optical sensors to measure a bullet’s velocity, MagnetoSpeed’s device does so with magnetic sensors. This helps eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of chronographs, their propensity to act temperamental in shifting light.

MagnetoSpeed offers quite a bit, but it comes with a price tag. The V3 unit is listed at $399 on the company’s website, which puts it at the high end of chronographs. The company, however, aims to release a budget-friendly Sporter model – with a planned MSRP less than $200 – some time in the summer of 2014.

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