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Hornady Offering New Twist on Handgun Security

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Hornady Security's RAPiD Safe is one of the first handgun safes to offer radio frequency identification entry.
Hornady Security's RAPiD Safe is one of the first handgun safes to offer radio frequency identification entry.

Utter the name Hornady and what comes to mind?

Well, besides the company’s big red “H” logo, probably bullets, ammunition and reloading supplies. But if the Grand Island, Neb., manufacturer has its way Hornady will become synonymous with another facet of the firearms industry – safes.

The company’s new division – Hornady Security – is slated to release its line at the 2014 SHOT Show. And the company's first offering is a bit of a break from what has been available on the market to date.

The RAPiD Safe is meant to address the issue of quick firearm retrieval, while keeping a handgun secure the rest of the time. It does so by utilizing radio frequency identification embedded in a bracelet, card or key fob.

One quick swipe over the reader with one of the entry options and the safe springs open, presenting the firearm in a padded sleeve at a drawable angle. The company touts it as the fastest handgun safe retrieval systems on the market.

Presently, most handgun safes utilize mechanical or electronic keypads, biometric readers or keys. Each of the existing methods has its pros and cons. The common perceived drawback for each is the potential to fumble with the entry system when seconds count.

Hornady’s RFID system is meant to overcome this situation, but it also appears to have limits. The bracelet, card or key fob must be on person for the radio frequency ID system to work. Otherwise, it's back to the old methods.

Hornady is one of the first major manufacturers to bring RFID technology to the gun safe market, but there are other companies in the race. Startup The Gun Box announced in October that it would start shipping pre-orders of its RFID safe in December.

The RAPiD Safe also has a number of other entry options, including a keypad and key. It runs off standard household 110V power and includes battery backup. It weighs more than 15 pounds and is constructed of 16-gauge steel. It includes a 1,500-pound rated cable secure.

Innovation has a price tag. The company lists the MSRP on the RAPiD Safe at $276.67. Hornady is also introducing two other handgun safes, of the low-tech variety. The ArmLock Box ($45.91 MSRP) and the TriPoint Lock Box ($40.21 MSRP).

The new technology has the potential to turn some heads. But it’s a wait-and-see game if Hornady Security’s line becomes as popular as the company’s ballistic products.

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