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Gun Digest the Magazine, December 8, 2008

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Inside This Issue

• No matter who wins, the battle about guns will continue.

News and notes from throughout the firearms world.

• Scott Freigh test-shoots four intriguing .22-caliber pistols.

• State battles for gun rights continue.

• Dave Workman revisits the .327 Federal Magnum. (Here’s a hint: He likes it.)

• There’s plenty of great new shooting and hunting gear.

• Bryce Towsley believes the new Federal Premium ammo loaded with Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X-Bullets is a winner.

• Glenn Eller began shooting at age 8. Little did he know that would lead him to a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics.

• If Dan Shideler ever starts collecting Charter Arms guns, he’d start with the original Bulldog .44.

• John Philip Sousa was the world’s most famous American and the best friend the shooting sports ever had.

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