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Gamo Introduces New Hard-Hitting Air Rifle

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Gamo's new Mach 1 Pigman Edition has enough pop to handle most varmints.
Gamo's new Mach 1 Pigman Edition has enough pop to handle most varmints.

Air rifles have come a long way. No longer are they just backyard plinkers; instead many can deliver accurate and potent fire.

One of the companies at the forefront in developing what has become known as adult air rifles is Gamo. And recently, the Spanish company introduced the latest addition to its catalog of high-powered air rifles.

Like many of the Gamo’s offerings, the Mach 1 Pigman Edition Air Rifle has the capability of pushing pellets to impressive velocities. But, overall, that’s not the most eye-catching aspect of the new rifle.

The new Mach 1’s power plant is the big upgrade on the rifle with Gamo jumping from a more traditional spring on the line to an inert gas cylinder. The IGT Mach 1 technology was unveiled a few years ago and offers some advantages over more traditional rams.

Perhaps the biggest pluses are, gas cylinders last longer, are lighter and produce more power. On that final point, Gamo lists some pretty impressive specs for its new Mach 1 Pigman Edition.

For the .177 caliber version, the rifle pushes Gamo’s PBA Platinum ammo 1,420 fps. In the .22 caliber model, it shoots the same ammo 1,020 fps. This should provide plenty of hitting power, giving the new gun potential as a varmint rifle.

More so than other air guns, gas-cylinder systems produce quite a bit of recoil. But Gamo has tackled this issue with its Recoil Reducing Rail system that dissipates the shock of the ram’s stroke.

According to the company, this piece of technology does more than make the rifle a more pleasant shooters. It helps maintain an optics' zero (the gun comes outfitted with a 3-9×40 scope) and protects the gun’s components, extending its life.

The Mach 1 is set up to be a quiet shooter, featuring Gamo's Whisper Fusion noise reduction system. And it comes with an number of other features that should prove popular with air-gun shooters, including: recoil pad, rubberized grips, adjustable two-stage trigger and polymer stock.

The rifle’s size and weight specifications were not available. Presently, the Mach 1 Pigman Edition, in both calibers, is retailing at Gamo for $369.

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