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Fabarm Pricing and Reference

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Are You In the Market for a Fabarm Firearm?

Know what your Fabarm firearms are worth with this up-to-date 6-page .PDF download from the 19th edition of Standard Catalog of Firearms.

* Completely updated pricing for Fabarm firearms with new entries and photos
* Value Trackers: Real-life auction results
* Sleeper Alerts: Collectible guns that are outpacing the market
* Links to manufacturers’ website

Learn prices and values of these Fabarm firearms:

Fabarm Ellegi Standard Semi-Automatic Shotgun
Fabarm Elligi Multichoke
Fabarm Elligi Innerchoke
Fabarm Elligi Magnum
Fabarm Elligi Super Goose
Fabarm Elligi Slug
Fabarm Police
Fabarm Model S.D.A.S.S. Special Police
Fabarm Model S.D.A.S.S. Martial Model
Fabarm Omega Standard
Fabarm Omega Goose Gun
Fabarm Beta Model Side-by-Side Shotgun
Fabarm Beta Europe Side-by-Side Shotgun
Fabarm Field Model Over/Under Shotgun
Fabarm Gamma Field
Fabarm Gamma Paradox Gun
Fabarm Gamma Trap or Skeet
Fabarm Gamma Sporting Competition Model
Fabarm Camo Lion
Fabarm Red Lion
Fabarm Red Lion Ducks Unlimited 2001
Fabarm Gold Lion
Fabarm Gold Lion Mark III
Fabarm Sporting Clays Lion
Fabarm Rex Lion
Fabarm Sporting Clays Extra
Fabarm Tactical Semi-Auto
Fabarm Home Security HD
Fabarm H368
Fabarm FP6 Field Pump
Fabarm FP6 Field Pump Camo
Fabarm FP6
Fabarm FP6 with Rail
Fabarm Max Lion
Fabarm Max Lion Light
Fabarm Max Lion Light
Fabarm Max Lion Paradox
Fabarm Sporting Clays Competition Lion
Fabarm Sporting Clays Max Lion
Fabarm Sporting Clays Competition Extra
Fabarm Black Lion Competition
Fabarm Monotrap
Fabarm Silver Lion
Fabarm Silver Lion Youth
Fabarm Super Light Lion Youth
Fabarm Ultra Mag Lion
Fabarm Super Light Lion
Fabarm Camo Turkey Mag.
Fabarm Ultra Camo Mag. Lion
Fabarm Classic Lion Grade I
Fabarm Classic Lion Grade II
Fabarm Classic Lion Elite

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