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First Look: Crimson Trace LINQ Wireless Laser Sight

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Over the years, Crimson Trace has been a big-time innovator in the field of laser sighting solutions for personal and home defense. One of the manufacturer's most exciting new products for 2016 is its LINQ Wireless Laser Sight and Tactical Light system designed for AR-style rifles.

According to the company, this new product is the world's very first wireless laser sight and LED white light for modern sporting rifles, an impressive development for those who use their AR in a home defense role or for other tactical applications. The system pairs a combination 300-lumen LED white light/green laser sight module that mounts to a rail with an instinctive activation grip that serves as a replacement grip on any standard AR.

The really groundbreaking thing about the Crimson Trace LINQ Wireless Laser Sight is that it removes the need for any kind of wire running down the length of the forend or any sort of tricky activation with the support hand. Once the instinctive activation button on the grip is depressed, it triggers the module via a unique closed wireless system that is secure and has an individual signature for each unit.

The new Crimson Trace LINQ Wireless Laser Sight and Tactical Light system features four different modes: laser only, light only, laser and light, and laser and strobe light. The device also has over two hours of battery life.

The Gun Digest editorial staff was able to get a firsthand look at the new system at the Crimson Trace booth during the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Check out the video above to see how the LINQ system works.


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