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Browning Adds 20 Gauge to Citori 725 Line

Browning aims to build on the Citori 725's popularity, now offering the over-under in 20 gauge.
Browning aims to build on the Citori 725's popularity, now offering the over-under in 20 gauge.

Browning made waves a few years back, introducing an updated version of its Citori over-under shotgun. The 725 has proven so popular, in fact, the company has now released a 20-gauge version.

When Browning introduced the latest iteration of its Citori shotgun it was easy to scoff. After all, how could the century-old over-under shotgun be improved?

Well, Browning found some ways with the 725. The Utah company produced a more streamlined gun, lighter and more maneuverable and with a snappier and more consistent trigger.

The 725 won over sportsmen, from the trap range to the corn stubble. And this popularity has spurred Browning to expand the line of its over-under shotguns.

The company recently announced it is broadening the 725 line to include the 20 gauge, in both its Field and Sporting models. The new guns give shooters a smaller, lighter kicking bore size, while offering all the features that made the 12-gauge version popular.

Along these lines, perhaps no feature has the potential to win more fans than the 20 gauge’s Fire Lite Mechanical Trigger System. Not only does the trigger offer a crisp 4-pound pull, but also guarantees follow-up shots, unlike earlier Browning triggers.

Before the 725, Browning outfitted its Citoris with inertia triggers, which relied on the recoil from firing the first barrel to cock the firing pin for the second. The mechanical system, on the other hand, cocks the second barrel simply by pulling the trigger for the first.

While affordable, the Citori 725 line offers elegant features, such as engraving and three grades of walnut.

While the 20 gauge has a manageable kick, Browning has gone step further to mitigate it. The company has included its Inflex II recoil pad, which reduces felt recoil by diverting energy down and away from the shooter’s face.

The company has aimed for a more consistent pattern on the 725 with the inclusion of Browning’s Back Bored Technology barrels. The gun also comes outfitted with Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones and the new Invector-DS choke tube system.

The Field model of the 20 gauge features a silver nitride finish receiver accented with high relief engraving of game bird scenes. The Grade II/III stock features a gloss oil finish. The Field model is available with 26- or 28-inch barrels. Its MSRP is $2,469.99.

The 20-gauge Sporting model features a Silver nitride finish receiver with gold accented target engraving. Ventilated top and side ribs are featured in 28″, 30″ or 32″ barrel lengths. The Grade III/IV walnut stock features a gloss oil finish with close radius pistol grip and palm swell. Its MSRP is $3,139.99.

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