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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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2015 Gift Guide

Our editorial staff has put together an excellent gift guide to help shooters get everything they want and need this holiday season.

Making a list and checking it twice? Don’t fret. If coming up with a gift list is as traumatic as a trip to the dentist, you’re in luck. The Gun Digest staff has done the homework for you. We dug through our catalog to find the perfect gift for you or your favorite shooting buddies.

1. Gun Digest 2016 Perfect Pair

This excellent bundle combines the Gun Digest 2016 annual book with the 2016 Daily Calendar, resulting in something any gun owner can read and enjoy all year long. The new edition of the Gun Digest 2016 contains feature articles written by some of today's most prolific gun writers, test-fire gun reviews, secrets to successfully collecting guns and a showcase of the newest products from top firearms manufactures. The Gun Digest Great Guns 2016 Daily Calendar features a stunning photograph of a different firearm every day of the year along with its name and a few facts about it. Best of all, you save 51 percent off the retail price ($50.98) when you buy the pair for one low special price. ($24.99)

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2. Reloading Ultimate Collection

Interest in reloading ammunition continues to rise, and the perfect gift for new, aspiring or even experienced reloaders is the Reloading Ultimate Collection. In The ABCs of Reloading, readers can discover the steps and techniques for safely creating handloads, find out which equipment they’ll need to complete the reloading process, explore Gun Digest articles on reloading, and much more. The Handbook of Reloading Basics provides step-by-step, best reloading practices for both metallic cartridges and shotshells and establishes the basics for ensuring safety while reloading. The collection ($128.94 at regular retail) includes four paperback books and two downloads in all. ($59.99)

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3. Gun Digest-Mr. Beams Gun Safe Lights (Set of 2)

There are two ways to light up the interior of a gun safe: Wrap your guns with Christmas lights and run an unsightly extension cord … or with a pair of these custom Gun Digest branded Mr. Beams lights. These are motion-activated, super easy to install, light up the interior of a gun safe and shut off automatically. There isn’t a gun owner out there who won’t find a use for these handy lights. Normally $24.99, these are available at 20 percent off from the Gun Digest Store. And as another bonus, they fit snugly into any stocking! ($19.99)

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4. 2016 Standard Catalog of Firearms: The Collector's Price & Reference Guide

Gun enthusiasts are always in the process of buying or selling guns. Or daydreaming about what they’ll buy next. The 2016 Standard Catalog of Firearms is an excellent resource for both these things, containing values and conditions, with more than 7,500 photos, of over 110,00 models of firearms. Every edition is updated with the newest entries from today’s manufacturers, plus the latest values from a wide range of experts, editors and auction houses for virtually every gun made or sold in America since the early 1800s. It’s simply the must-have guide to commercial firearms, past and present and is available at 32 percent off its retail price ($43.99) at the Gun Digest Store. ($29.99)

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5. CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target Stand

What shooter doesn’t need more target stands? The P3 Ultimate from CTK Precision is one of the most versatile and stable platforms available, making this a can’t-miss gift idea.

Its versatile design allows shooters to attach a target of almost any size with the included target clips. Set up the target stand virtually anywhere. The width is easily adjustable; the angled legs allow for a stable four-point stance on uneven terrain, and the entire stand assembles and disassembles in mere seconds! ($60)

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6. Gun Digest-EZ2C High-Visibility Paper Targets

The Gun Digest staff designed these targets in conjunction with EZ2C for the ultimate range solution. No more squinting or running back and forth to see your shots, wasting precious time.

The fluorescent red against ample white space depicts shots clearly, making rifle sight-in or handgun practice a breeze. Available in pads of 25 targets, they’re a good, practical gift for any shooter. ($7.29)

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7. Platinum Recreational Instant Fit ITC Hearing Protection

This tiny electronic hearing aid protects against gunshots, yet doesn't cancel out surrounding noises. The net effect: You actually shoot better because your natural sense of balance isn’t thrown off by that “muffled” feeling you get with a bulky headset clamped onto your head. The SoundGear Platinum Recreational Instant Fit ITC makes shooters more effective in the hunting field and protects them from damaging noise. Give the gift of hearing and better shooting this holiday. Regularly $399, these are available for 25 percent off from the Gun Digest Store—an excellent deal. ($299.99)

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8. Handgun Training – Practice Drills for Defensive Shooting

Getting the most out of one’s time at the range is what you’ll get with Grant Cunningham’s new book, Handgun Training – Practice Drills for Defensive Shooting. Sure, it’d be nice to have Grant show on Christmas morning and spend the day with you and your family at the range, but this book might just be the next best thing. For concealed carry practitioners and anyone concerned with home defense, this book will hone you in on what you should practice and why. This is a great, and important, gift, and it’s available at 30 percent off its standard retail price of $19.99. ($13.99)

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9. Kestrel 4500 Shooter's Weather Meter with Horus Ballistics

The Kestrel 4500 Weather Meter needs no introduction, as any long-range rifle shooter would do back-flips to unwrap one of these slick outfits on the big morning. This all-in-one device allows the user to not only measure a variety of factors, but also customize several targets for location, distance, direction, declination, speed and winds. Plus, it permits the shooter to create, store and choose from multiple weapon/round profiles, providing a truly customizable shooting experience. An excellent stocking stuffer, it’s the gift that keeps on giving—shot after distant shot. Normally $619 at retail pricing, it is available at 5 percent off from the Gun Digest Store. ($589)

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10. Knife Laws of the U.S.: Loopholes, Pitfalls & Secrets

Hot off the presses is this fascinating look at laws governing knives. Nationally known knife rights attorney Evan F. Nappen explains, in easy-to-understand terms, everything you need to know about the knife laws where you live. He covers what knives are legal to own and carry in each state, and what knives aren't. Plus, learn all about switchblades, ballistic, gravity and other knife types; what to do if you're arrested, and what not to do; your rights as a knife owner; and tips to avoid legal problems. If someone you know carries concealed for self-defense, get them this book. Regularly $24.99, it’s available now for $7 off its typical price. ($17.99)

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