Gun Collecting: ARs All Sold Out? Think Mauser

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Mauser Military Rifles of the World, Fifth Edition, is the definitive source on the Mauser rifle.

by Jennifer L.S. Pearsall, Gun Digest Books editor

As the attentions of our various politicians turn to gun control, tales are coming in – short and tall – about gun retailers selling out of AR-types and their relevant ammunition. ARs, in all their various configurations, are generally fine firearms, and if you want one and can still find one at a reasonable cost, go right ahead. But if no, perhaps you should be looking elsewhere.

Where, you might ask? Well, how about some of the many, many Mauser actions that are so often found at gun shows and on the used racks of your favorite local gun stores. Some would say this is the most prolific of military actions, and more than a few sporting actions derive from it.

They are hardy, accurate, can be sporterized and customized, and are available in calibers for which finding ammunition isn’t a great challenge. Want to know more? Then we strongly suggest you take a look at Robert W.D. Ball’s Mauser Military Rifles of the World, Fifth Edition.

This is a masterful collection of important facts, photos, and trivia about the world’s most popular bolt action, including some of the earliest variations that took blackpowder, and chapters on rare and highly collectible Mausers.

Heck, every once in a while someone finds a Van Gogh in their grandmother’s attic — with this book, you may just find a “Van Gogh” Mauser behind that $50 price tag at the local gun show.