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Winchester Releases Ammo Tailored for Iconic 1911

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Win1911 Ammunition, specifically tailored for one of the world's most iconic pistols.
Win1911 Ammunition, specifically tailored for one of the world's most iconic pistols.

Of the many firearms designs emanating from John Browning few have become as ubiquitous and storied as the Model 1911.

The single-action semi-automatic pistol became one of the most popular handguns of the past century, having earned its stripes on some of the world's most brutal battlegrounds. Since then, it has gone on to be the choice of every type of handgun enthusiast — from those looking for a personal-defense piece, to plain old plinkers. The 1911's acclaim has even led nearly every major manufacturer to produce their version of the pistol — a claim few designs can make.

Now, a company aims to give its take on the handgun or at least its ammunition. Winchester has just released Win1911 line, ammo the company has tailored specifically for use in the historic pistol.

Winchester is offering two new rounds in the line, both in .45 ACP — a flat nose full-metal jacket and a jacketed hollow point option. Both the FMJ and JHP rounds have nickel-plated jackets, a feature meant to facilitate cleaner feeding in a handgun known to sometimes have finicky ammo tastes. But it is not the components that are the intriguing aspects of the Win1911 line. It's the rounds' ballistics.

The FMJ and JHP have identical ballistic performance, both capped with 230 grain bullets and boasting the same muzzle velocity. The clone rounds are meant to give shooters seamless ballistics from practice to application, allowing them to chamber a self-defense round that performs in similar fashion to the round they'll punch holes in paper with at the shooting range.

The idea behind the Win1911 line seems solid, but only time will tell if it becomes as iconic as the pistol itself.

.45 ACP Full Metal Jacket 230 grain 880 fps
.45 ACP Jacketed Hollow Point 230 grain 880 fps

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