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New Gear: Steiner’s TOR Mini And Micro Laser Sights

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Steiner's TOR Mini and TOR Mirco offer handgunners powerful aiming solutions in small packages.

What's the story on these sights:

An understanding of aiming solutions comes naturally to rifle shooters. Generally, their operational distances are such that dropping a round on a target without a couple of slabs of precision-ground glass and a sensitive adjustment system would dang near be an impossibility. Or at a minimum, it would be highly demanding.

TOR Micro

Pistol shooters, well that's a different story. Given handguns are, for the most part, close-range weapons that excel in fast target acquisition and transition, iron sights continue to reign supreme. But there are options that have the potential to enhance the handgun's tried-and-true aiming system.

Laser sights have become among the most popular over the years, due to their low-light capabilities and ease of use. Additionally, the devices, given their size, don't modify how a pistol operates or feels in the hand. Steiner eOptics most certainly looked to hit all these notes with the release of the new TOR Micro and TOR Mini laser sights.

Specifically designed for pistols, the devices almost appear part of the handguns on which they're mounded and are small enough to fit in the majority of commercially produced holsters on the market. Each with a height a tick over 1 inch, the only thing that appears slimmer is their price tags. The MSRP of the TOR Micro is $199, while the TOR Mini runs $299.

Constructed with a military-grade aluminum housing and rail mount, the sights are up to rugged use — both dust-proof and splash-proof to IP54 standards. And the TOR Micro and TOR Mini are each available with the choice of red (635 nm) and green (520 nm) lasers. Even here, Steiner has ensured the sights perform when called into duty, opting for direct diode type lasers, known for their ability to operate in extremely cold weather. Additional shared features include an ambidextrous power switch, constant power drive that ensures the lasers' output remains constant throughout the life of the battery, low battery indication, as well as windage and elevation bore-sight adjustment screws.

The universal rail mount on the TOR Micro and TOR Mini fits all pistols with a Picatinny or Weaver style rail forward of the trigger guard. The design of the TOR Mini and TOR Micro allows optimum positioning of the laser so that the fire button is easily accessible for a wide range of users.

The TOR Mini has additional functionality, most notable is its adjustable laser power with multiple settings (low, medium, high and high pulse). It also remembers the chosen setting until it is reset, even if the battery is removed or replaced. Finally, the sight has an internal accelerometer that senses pistol position and automatically activates the laser when the pistol is drawn.

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