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New Guns And Gear March 2021

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Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these seven new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

What Are The New Guns And Gear:

Nelson Precision 44X Aluminum Slide for Glock 44 Pistols

A longtime coming, the Glock 44 was one of the Austrian gunmaker’s most significant releases in recent years. Though, even among diehard fans, the .22 LR pistols did have nits to pick, primarily with the hybrid polymer-steel slide (done for proper weight in the blowback pistol). Rejoice! There’s hope in rectifying this with parts manufacturer Nelson Precision introducing an aluminum slide upgrade. Milled to proper weight specs, it runs like a dream on the Glock 44, while creating a more rugged and versatile pistol—the slide is optic-ready, compatible with Trijicon RMR and SRO red-dot sights. Playing nice with OEM G44 slide parts, this is an upgrade you don’t want to miss for your G44. MSRP: $220

Beretta Model 21A Bobcat Covert

Harking back to Beretta’s earliest pocket pistols, the Model 21 is steeped in nostalgia—and now in modern adaptability. Yup, the classy aluminum-framed Bobcat is available suppressor-ready in the aptly named Covert. Boasting standard .22 LR 1/2×28 thread pattern on its muzzle, the pistol is compatible with nearly any rimfire can. When not suppressed, the threads are protected with a knurled cap. Cutting a dashing profile, the 7+1-capacity Bobcat Covert is outfitted with checkered walnut grips and a rich matte black Burniton finish. It’s still every bit a pocket pistol, weighing in at just under 12 ounces. Able to mount a suppressor, the Bobcat Covert is now a first-class range companion. MSRP: $529

Mossberg Blaze-47 Adjustable

As affordable as it is fun, the Blaze-47 has been the go-to rimfire AK for some time … and it’s recently gotten better. Now it’s set up as the perfect tactical plinker, no matter who’s behind the trigger. As its name implies, the Adjustable model comes outfitted with a six-position adjustable stock, the kind commonly found on AR-style rifles. Sure enough, this breaks from the traditional AK template, but it arguably makes the .22 LR more useful and potentially more accurate. From there, the new Blaze gets familiar with a 16.5-inch barrel, 25-round magazine and fully adjustable sights. But bet on the Adjustable providing a much more comfortable fit. MSRP: $368

CCI Maxi-Mag Clean-22 Segmented Hollow Point 22 WMR

Reducing fouling and leading, CCI Clean-22 is nothing new. But what it’s being chambered for and the type of bullet is being topped with is. Maxi-Mag Clean-22 Segmented Hollow Point 22 WMR gives shooters of the magnum rimfire a dynamite hunting option, proven to over-perform traditional hollow-points. As the name suggests, the bullets are segmented, designed to break in three equal parts, thus creating three equal wound channels. The effects are devastating on small game, almost guaranteeing a hit on vitals. Loaded to leave the muzzle at 1,875 fps, the ammo also tends to extend a firearms range. MSRP: $18.99, box of 50

Wiland USA MLCS-11 Chassis for Ruger 10/22 Rifles

Requiring all the skill of a long-range marksman, just scaled down and done on the cheap, NRL22 competitions have swept the nation. While any old .22 LR and proper optics will do, if you’re serious about gunning down gold, a few upgrades are in order. Enter Wiland USA and the MLCS-11. The South Carolina manufacturer whipped up a lightweight chassis nearly guaranteed to milk the utmost accuracy Ruger 10/22. More than anything, Wiland provides an absolute rock-solid foundation, thanks to a rigid CNC-machined aluminum body and carbon buttplate and handguard. But the manufacturer also ups its flexibility, making the chassis compatible with ambidextrous charging and shootability with the buttstock perfectly aligned with the bore. It’ll take your 10/22 to new levels. MSRP: $350

Kriss Vector 22-CRB

Like something out of Star Wars, the Vector is about as unique as hens’ teeth in the world of pistol-caliber carbines. Now, make that rimfires. The innovative firearms manufacturer recently introduced the Vector 22-CRB rimfire to its catalog, giving shooters all the cutting-edge technology found in its big-dog gun, but in an affordable shooter. Aside from its absolute one-of-a-kind aesthetics, the gun also features several enhancements. Free-floated barrel, six-position stock, low-profile flip sights and threaded barrel (1/2×28 pattern) all kick the gun’s game up a notch in accuracy and ease of use. Add in Kriss’ 30-round magazines and Aluminum M-Lok handguard and you’ve got a little something shapable to your needs. MSRP: $649.99

Meopta Optika5 2-10x42mm RF

It’s difficult to stress exactly how important the role quality glass plays in consistent accuracy. Have the right scope and the world is your bull’s-eye. If you live to own the bull’s-eye with your rimfire, you should be paying attention to Meopta USA. Part of the company’s new premium 1-inch tube Optika5 series, the 2-10x42mm RF is the ideal scope to keep you on target. Featuring MeoBright lens coatings for optimal light transmission and MeoDrop hydrophobic water-repellant coating, the optic ensures a bright and clear image no matter the conditions. Shooters have the choice of traditional plex and MOA Z-Plus reticle, with ¼-MOA adjustment increments. Plus, the Optika5 line is built field tough, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. MSRP: $349.99

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the January 2021 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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