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New Gear: Timney Introduces A Calvin Elite For The 10/22

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Designed for match-grade performance, the Calvin Elite for the 10/22 gives the rifle a true precision trigger option.

The inside on Timney's new trigger:

The little .22 LR, it's a world beater. Few endeavors in the history of mankind short of duct tape have proved more useful, versatile and just plain fun than the zippy lilliputian rimfire. Arguably, it even has duct tape beat, unless you consider patching a hose or reattaching a bumper entertaining.

Of all modern rimfires, perhaps none has soared higher than the Ruger 10/22. The semi-automatic rifle almost seems divinely inspired, more than capable of crack shots to the limits of the .22 and popping brushy-tails high in thick woods. However, what gets most giddy about the lightning-fast gem, no matter their passion is its potential for customization. From buttstock to muzzle, every inch of the gun can accept an upgrade, most time with minimal effort.

To this end, Timney Triggers has given fans of Ruger's .22 gem a reason to look it direction in their quest for plinking perfection with its newly expanded Calvin Elite trigger for the 10/22. Among their most popular series, the trigger has won fans with its exceptional performance as an upgrade for the Remington Model 700. And for the 10/22, give the rifle a true precision option.

Precision made, the Calvin Elite trigger for the 10/22 is a no-hassle upgrade, completely self-contained and a simple drop-in install. The entire process entails the removal of two action pins from the rifle, pulling the old trigger out and dropping in the Calvin Elite in its place. In return for the effort, shooters get a crisp 2-pound break, with no creep, and an innovative system to custom fit the trigger to an individual user's finger.

The rub on this, the Calvin Elite utilizes a replaceable trigger shoe system allowing shooters to find the best fit for their digit. The trigger comes with four options including curved, flat, heeled and knurled. Furthermore, the shoes are adjustable for length of pull, cast and height for the ultimate in custom comfort and positive contact.

The Calvin Elite replacement trigger for the 10/22 is one-piece complete trigger assembly is CNC machined 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum. The trigger, sear, and hammer are wire EDM cut and heat-treated steel for exceptional durability. The MSRP for the upgrade is $270.

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