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Less-Than-Lethal: The Other Option

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Why consider a less-than-lethal option? Because, having something for self-defense is always better than having nothing.

What Are The Less-Than-Lethal Options:

Life is full of little surprises — some much better than others. While most people would prefer surprises like winning the lottery, sometimes the not-so-fun ones are inevitable. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, such as someone breaking into your home or trying to grab you on the street, the way you react can be the difference between getting hurt and getting away.

However, it can also pose some difficult decisions you’ll only have a few seconds to make.

X26 Taser with Laser Light

The most common solution is to own a firearm to protect yourself and your loved ones. They’re simply one of the most effective items to have to defend yourself — the mere presence of a firearm has discouraged an ill-intentioned attacker on more than one occasion.

However, sometimes there are situations where you want to use something such as a less-than-lethal option. You may have people in your household who don’t feel comfortable or are too young and inexperienced to be using a gun. Or, you could be in an area that doesn’t allow concealed carry — some cities out there have some very prohibitive laws these days.

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In those times, it’s always smart to have a backup to your trusty firearm. For situations where you’ve run out of other ways to avoid conflict, these weapons can temporarily paralyze, debilitate and stun your attacker, so you have an opportunity to get away.

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