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Concealed Carry Cover: Barranti Leather Swift Cover Vest

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Purpose built as a concealed carry overgarment, the Swift Cover Vest is a stylish and effective way to keep your gun under wraps.

How The Swift Cover Vest Enhances Concealed Carry:

The trick to carrying a concealed handgun is concealing it, but not to the point that you cannot access it easily and swiftly. Vests have been and continue to be a popular method of concealment because they can, in most circumstances, be worn year-round. Of course I’m sure you’ve heard various tactards suggest that wearing a vest — something like a photographer’s vest — is a dead giveaway that you have a gun on your hip. I’m not convinced of that. In fact, I think the now popular un-tucked shirt might even be more of an indicator. At the same time, the two states I frequent the most — West Virginia and Arizona — both have Constitutional Carry, so even criminals, who are a fry or two short of a Happy Meal, suspect that everyone around them is carrying.

Here’s the thing: A vest adds a bit of flare and character, if not gravitas, to your appearance. Through a vest on over a flannel shirt and you immediately go from a redneck to a renaissance man. I probably have a half-dozen vests I wear depending on the season — and situation — primarily for the purpose of hiding a gun. What I’d been missing was a kind of all-season vest. I found the answer with the Swift Cover Vest.

Granted, there’s no shortage of cover vests specifically designed for concealed carry on the market. The problem with most is that they are designed to carry and not hide the gun. Stick 20-some ounces inside your vest and it becomes cumbersome and uncomfortable.

The Barranti Leather Swift Cover Vest was designed by a guy who carries a gun, specifically for guys who carry a gun. It’s made of rugged cotton canvas, comes in two colors, has four exterior and two interior pockets, and can be had with or without a lapel. It also has strategically placed very small weights to help you “sweep” the vest on the draw.

It retails for $125 and it takes about 4 weeks to get one. If you see me out without a jacket, I’ll probably be wearing it. You could assume that means I have a gun on me, but that pretty much applies no matter what I’m wearing or where I’m at.

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The article originally appeared in the May 2019 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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