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First Look: Grizzly Cartridge Company 124-grain 9mm +P JHP

Grizzly Cartridge

Aimed at top terminal performance, Grizzly Cartridge Company's new 9mm +P gives shooters an overpowering self-defense option.

Hit your favorite ammo retailer—brick and mortar or virtual—you’ve most likely noted a disturbing trend. Empty shelves are the norm, for every caliber, but especially 9mm. Fueled by 2020’s turmoil, new and seasoned shooters snatch at ammo every time the opportunity presents itself draining the market bone dry. In short, the time is ripe for a savvy manufacturer to introduce a new round. Enter Grizzly Cartridge Company.

While the Oregon ammo-maker most likely didn’t plan its new 124-grain 9mm +P JHP to land in the midst of a buying panic, it’s a safe bet company isn’t complaining. Neither should shooters. What Grizzly Cartridge cooked up appears downright nasty, pushing the limits of the Luger for an overpowering self-defense option. Pushing the 124-grain projectile 1,200 fps at the muzzle, the new round on par with or surpassed a majority of +P 9mm ammo currently on the market.

“If you read some of the chatter on social media, it seems the 9mm doesn’t get enough respect,” said Mike Rintoul, Grizzly Cartridge Co. Founder. “We set out to produce a 9mm +P factory load that shows just how capable the caliber can be when loaded right.”

This isn’t Grizzly Cartridge’s first foray into souped up 9mm loads. At present, the ammo-maker has eight offerings in all, ranging from 115-grains and 147 grains, all but two rated +P. However, the JHP defensive round is only the second 124-grain option the company  produced, preceded by a FMJ-FP.

Currently, Grizzly Cartridges offers the 124-grain 9mm +P JHP in boxes of 20, with an MSRP of $18.99.

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