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Get Your FREE Self-Defense Handgun Guide Download!

This 9-page download covers the basic criteria Joseph von Benedikt uses to help beginners and experts alike find the right concealed carry handgun. From revolvers to semi-auto handguns, choosing a gun for CCW can be daunting with all the choices available today. Von Benedikt helps you narrow the focus on CCW hanguns, from the best concealed carry 9mm or concealed carry 45. Should you get a compact 9mm or a full-size? How does your physique   affect the best self-defense handgun size? What about grip sizes and types and concealed carry guns for women?

In this free download you’ll learn:

  • CCW handgun fit
  • Long barrels vs. short on conceal and carry guns
  • How your experience level dictates handgun choice
  • Best handguns for women who carry
  • Practical considerations

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Here's a Sneak Peek Inside:

Long Barrels are More Accurate and Easier to Shoot

I’m going to argue against extreme cases of this one. Long barreled guns do offer an increased sight radius, so aiming is more precise, but overly long barrels become whippy out on the business end. In other words, when quickly brought on target, they don’t seem to become steady quite as fast. Imagine picking up a short length of 2×4 lumber and pointing it at a car across the street. Goes right to it, doesn’t it? Now imagine picking up a 16-foot 2×4 and swinging it around to point at the car. You’ll likely swing past it, back to it, and then wobble a bit before steadying on the car. Drastic example, I know, but it illustrates my point.

There is, of course, a middle ground. Extremely short barrels are even more challenging than extremely long ones. Popular semiauto barrel lengths are from four to five inches, and for good reason—they balance and maneuver well without being unwieldy. For revolvers, I really prefer a four-inch barrel unless I’m either concealing it, in which case I prefer a two- to three-inch barrel, or hunting with it, in which case I like a six- to eight-inch barrel.

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