Concealed Carry Guns: Semi-Auto Pistols for Self-Defense

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Learn about the tacti II and other concealed weapon options with this free download.

ARMSCOR/ROCK ISLAND ARMORYNew for 2013 is a compact hi-capacity version of Armscor’s 22 TCM (Tauson Craig Micromag), a variant of the model 1911 pistol that’s chambered for an ultra high-velocity .22-caliber centerfire cartridge made from a necked-down 9mm case. Called the 22 TCM MS 1911 VZ, the new pistol is a Commander-sized compact with full-house features, including adjustable sights, and it has a frame rail for mounting lights and lasers. Also offered is a 9mm barrel to convert the gun to use the 9x19mm cartridge. From Rock Island comes the TAC II, a five-inch 1911 in 10mm with a host of custom features. ( Want to learn more about using this as a concealed gun? Grab this free download to find out more.

Boberg, one of the great concealed pistol options covererd in this free eBook.


Boberg Arms has introduced its XR9 S, a variation of the company’s XR9, but in two-tone, with a stainless steel slide and a black anodized receiver. Billed as the world’s most powerful 9mm compact pistol, the XR9 is a hair over five inches long, with a 3¼-inch barrel and a 7+1 capacity of 9x19mm +P ammunition. The secret of the XR9 S is its unique feeding system, with the slide extracting rounds from the chamber and the rear of the magazine at the same time. ( Is this the best CCW pistol for you? Download the entire free eBook to find out.

CZ, one of the many concealed carry pistols you'll learn about in this download.


CZ’s new entry for 2013 is the P-09 Duty. A full-size version of the polymer frame P-07, the P-09 Duty has a capacity of 19+1 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition and used an Omega system and ambidextrous decocking levers that can be converted to thumb safeties with parts supplied. Three interchangeable backstraps come with the gun, and a 1913 frame rail is part of the package. Also new are variations of the CZ75 and CZ97 models. ( Choose best gun for concealed carry when you explore all the options in this free download.