Tuscon Shooting

Obama re-election sparks gun sales.

Obama Administration To Hold Gun Policy Meetings

The Obama administration has conducted informal discussions with groups from both ends of the gun-policy spectrum, including law enforcement and gun-rights organizations, and is set to hold formal meetings as early as this week in an effort to chart out a set of new firearms policies, administration officials say.

Is ATF Running Guns to Mexico?

NAGR: Is ATF Illegally Running Guns to Mexico?

Originally, the ATF – using their “Project Gunrunner” – set out to show just how many firearms were being bought in the United States and smuggled into Mexico. But the numbers didn’t add up quite the way the ATF wanted them to, so … they made up their own.

White House to Push Gun Control

Obama intentionally did not mention gun control in his State of the Union, but aides say that in the next two weeks the administration will unveil a campaign to get Congress to toughen existing laws.