The Practical, Tactical Self-Defense Shotgun


buckshot-jugs-photoSure, some “tac” guy behind the counter told you buckshot was the only way to go in your self-defense shotgun. He was only part right.

“Remember, the load is called ‘buckshot’ because it was originally used for killing large animals, like buck deer … . It is powerful stuff … the shotgun round that people fear the most. Most criminals are too dense to realize that they face an equal amount of damage, maybe even more, due to the shredding effect of all those little pellets from  from a close range load of AA Trap or Skeet as they do from 00.”—Scott W. Wagner, Gun Digest Tactical Shotgun

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  1. When I bought my first shotgun for Home D, the shop owner recommended #7 out of the 12gauge. Today I keep a 20gauge with alternating 3″ #2 and #4 at the ready, in addition to a .410 with 3″ #4 buck. Both are pistol grip 18 1/2″ barrel models. Often mentioned: the sound of the pump action will scare them away without firing a shot. How are they going to here the sound of the pump action unless I fired the first round? Loaded with Safety on is my motto.


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