There’s swooning, and then there’s outright hooey and malarky when it comes to praising the Colt Single Action Army.

Colt SAA“Ounce for ounce there probably has been more unadulterated baloney written, published, and otherwise disseminated about the Singe Action Colt than any other handgun ever manufactured.”—James M. Triggs, “Colt Single Actions: A Detailed Word and Picture Survey of a Legendary Sixgun” an article that appeared in the 21st Anniversary 1967 edition of the Gun Digest annual collection, and as re-published in Dan Shideler’s Greatest Guns of Gun Digest.


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  1. Such a vague, generalized criticism of a history-changing handgun. And, talking about history, I think the appreciation of a particular firearm is very similar to the appreciation of musical composers. I mean, one has to have an idea of what the music was like BEFORE a particular composer came on the scene. Otherwise one has no point of comparison. The importance of a composer, or the importance of a particular firearm, cannot be estimated without a comparison to what existed before.

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