Reports of .22 Long Rifle speeds seem to have been greatly over-estimated at a certain point in time.

A Model 63 High Grade.
A Model 63 High Grade.

“The Model 63 was designed for Winchester/Western Super Speed and Super-X Long Rifle; it’s stamped right there on the barrel. The first high-speed LR ammunition came out in 1930. If you look at those old ammunition handbooks and similar publications listing ballistic data, you’ll find the 40-grain high-speed .22 Long Rifle solid listed at 1,375 fps and the 37-grain hollowpoint at 1,400!

Did they really go that fast? I put this question to an engineer/representative of a major ammunition company. He prefaced his remarks with something about bovine manure …” .—C. Rodney James, “Winchester’s Classic .22 Semi-Auto Rifles of the Twentieth Century, the 63 and 1903,” from the soon to be released Gun Digest 2014! Get your copy now—preorder here and save!