Gun Quote: Massad Ayoob on Col. Charles Askins, Jr.

Gun Quote: Massad Ayoob on Col. Charles Askins, Jr.

Gun quotes from Gun Digest. Here's a controversial Massad Ayoob quote about Col. Charles Askins, Jr.

Massad Ayoob quote“There were facets to Charlie that I wouldn’t want in a cop. There was racism. There was a killer instinct, too strong, strong enough to sometimes slip its leash. Some of his shootings, had they been adjudicated, could have earned him ‘life without parole.’”

—Massad Ayoob, on Col. Charles Askins, Jr., Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob


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  1. I have to admit, I have been a fan of Col. Askins for a good many years back to Gun Digest 1953. And I have spoken to a good many of the old time writers who confirmed Askins was a mean tempered man,I believe he was a throwback to the old time gunfighters, quick to temper and deadly in reaction. I also do not believe he would make it as a law officer today, but as to capability,I would rank him above Jeff Cooper, Mas Ayoob,and Clint Smith. These boys did most of their killing in print, Askins did it for real.

    • Askins was a good read, but he lived in a different world. Askins’ world is pretty much gone. The new world is better in many ways and not so good in others. Let him be judged in his context, emulate his good points and ignore the bad.


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