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Gun Digest Twitter Picks – End of March 2010

Good article in the WashPost about more women buying guns



The .44 special begins its second century. Read about it here:



Handbook of Standard Reticles. Free download with info on more than 82 pages of reticles!



GOA: Obama Pushing Another Radical Anti-gunner to the Federal Bench



firearmblog Bushmaster lays off senior staff #guns



Knight Rifles back in business



Iowa: Legislature Passes “Shall Issue” Right-to-Carry Legislation



#NewYork #Rino Bloomberg to Obama: Get Going on Taking Guns Away



An Ebensburg man challenged the borough’s ban on carrying guns in town parks – and won.



A parts diagram of the American service rifle from World War II: The M1 Garand



#OpenCarry gun advocates plan barbecue in #Vallejo park for next Saturday

@BayArea_ OC:

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