Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1984

The Gun Digest – 1984

 Table of Contents  
Rating Handgun Power by Edward A. Matunas 6
After We Won The War by Roy Dunlap 15
The Colt Sharps Story by Les Bowman 18
There is a 101st Gentleman! By Roger Barlow 28
The Assault Rifle Syndrome by Ken Warner 31
Who Needs An Assault Rifle? By Edward A. Matunas 32
You Don't Need A Bass Boat Either by Ken Warner 37
The Scout Rifle Idea by Jeff Cooper 40
The Assault Rifle and Survival Shopper 44
The Cultural Heritage of Hunting by Stuart M. Williams 47
The French MR-73 by Raymond Caranta 50
Gun Collecting's Heyday by R. C. House 56
Handling Mini-Revolvers by Dave Reynolds 64
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 68
The Mobile Muzzle Loader by Rick Hacker 76
American Air Power Today by J. I. Galan 83
How High Can You Go? By Claud S. Hamilton 88
Rifle Review by Layne Simpson 92
Horses Help The Mountain Rifleman by Melvin P. Espy 98
Murata Type 22 by Charles S. Small 104
Secrets Of Black Powder Patches by Sama Fadala 110
A Good Rough Rifle by Ray Ordorica 114
How To Collect Sporting Books by James Handcock 118
Benelli's B76 by Donald M. Simmons 123
Great Guns and Accessories in full color 129
Pre-Winchesters by James E. Serven 137
Shoot Better Offhand With A Curved Rifle Buttplate by Francis E. Sell 144
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by J. B. Wood 148
Handguns Today: Sixguns and Others by Hal Swiggett 154
Shotgun Review by Ralph T. Walker 161
Hunting In Georgia And England by Sidney Du Broff 166
Black Powder Review by Rick Hacker 170
The Peep Sight by Marshall R. Williams 174
One Good Gun Section: The 45-70 In The Brush by Frank Marshall, Jr. 178
Remington 513-S by Kenneth Bolin 181
Winchester 63 by Art Bevan 184
Ruger's Little Beauty by Robert K. Sherwood 187
Are Long Barrels Obsolete? By John Malloy 190
The Bolt Action Stopper Stock by Jack Lott 193
The Sporting Martini by John McCadden 202
Handloading Update by Dean A. Grennell 208
The Invisible Sport by Edward Baxter 216
Testfire: M6 22/110 Survival Gun 226
Testfire: Benelli B-76 227
Testfire: Thompson/Center Rifle Model 83 228
Testfire: Model 94 Angle-Eject for Scopes 229
Testfire: Alpha I Is Fun 229
Testfire: Remington Model Seven 230
Testfire: Rottweil 72 231
Custom Guns 232
Art of the Engraver 235
Shooter's Showcase 238
The Shows of Europe: IWA '83 / Hunfishow '83 by Raymond Caranta 240
Mini-Lathe Gunsmithing by John E. Traister 242
Ammunition, Ballistics and Components by Edward A. Matunas 244
Ammunition Tables 254
The Complete Compact Catalog 258
Handguns – U.S. and Imported 268
Rifles – U.S. and Imported 310
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported 357
Black Powder Guns 386
Air Guns 406
Chokes and Brakes 423
Metallic Sights 424
Scopes and Mounts 427
Periodical Publications 434
Arms Library 436
Arms Associations 449
Directory of the Arms Trade 451

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