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Concealed Carry–Shhh, It’s A Secret

It's “concealed” carry for a reason. The advantage is yours only if others don't know you're armed.

shooting-jacket-concealed-demo“I recall the morning I was eating breakfast at my favorite diner. … A seventy-ish man, one I knew to be a retired Philadelphia cop, was putting on his coat, when an elderly couple seated nearby complimented him on his coat. He responded, ‘Thank you, but you wouldn’t like what’s in the pocket.’’

“That really drew my attention! Anyone who is into concealed carry—good guys or bad—would have been alerted … I can only speculate as to the man’s motives for making such a statement. Some people get a thrill out of hinting to others that they are armed. Regardless … it was a foolish statement to make. The purpose of carrying a concealed handgun is to be ready to defend yourself without anyone knowing you are armed.”—Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., Armed, The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry


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