Ankle Holsters Can Save A Life


It's usually not the first choice for a self-defense carry rig, but ankle holsters can be a smart choice for many situations.

Ankle_Dining“Many years ago, I wrote an article … that extoled the virtues of the ankle holster … . It included cases like the officer … who was caught off-guard by two vicious armed robbers who disarmed him of his duty weapon at gunpoint. They ordered him to his knees and prepared to execute him. Stalling for time, he begged, “Wait! Let me pray first.” The thugs looked at each other and laughed mockingly.

The cop had the last laugh, though. As they turned to look at each other to mock what they thought was a helpless victim, the kneeling cop reached back to his ankle and came up with a blazing Smith & Wesson Model 60. He wiped the laughter off with a .38 Special hollowpoint fired into each of their sneering faces.

That story and others like it apparently resonated. Several … say the article had convinced them to carry ankle guns for backup.”—Massad Ayoob, The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry


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  1. this is great, i carry a kel tec p11 a cheap holster velcros around my workboot. boot cut jeans help also, but in texas heat a more preferred carry can stick out with just a shirt, of course really loose below the crack jeans might help(those you see guys wearing at the mall and wonder whats holding them up).


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