CMMG has upped its game when it comes to pistol-caliber ARs with the introduction of the MkGs Guard, a platform chambered for one of the most popular rounds of all time and featuring the company's innovative delayed blowback operation.
Engineered not to run afoul of Draconian gun laws, the DS-10 Typhoon in 6.5 Creedmoor gives shooters an AR-style rifle that can reach out.
There are a few things you need to understand when it comes to AR mags and keeping your rifle running smoothly.
If you’re looking to enhance the performance and accuracy of your stock AR, upgrade that trigger first.
The new Team Never Quit Mk12CF Special Purpose Rifle is a rugged tack driver fit for a number of purposes.
MBX Extreme’s Basepad Extension and Inter-Loc System offer speed and stability for all genres of shooting.
CMMG is the latest to embrace the scorching 22 Nosler, releasing four models of its popular Mk4 line chambered for the cartridge.
One of the more overlooked components of the AR, properly functioning springs are vital to the platform’s performance.
The MCX Virtus is the new upgraded version of SIG Sauer's innovative modular firearm, offering shooters a more robust and flexible platform, ready to tackle any situation.




Six Classic Must-Have Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistol Designs

The development of the semi-auto pistol has been marked with some icons that stir the imagination of any true firearms nut. Here are six of these absolute classics.