10 Classic Shotguns You’ve Got to Own


Browning Automatic-5

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Introduced in 1903, the iconic “Humpback” was perhaps one of the most successful sporting arms ever conceived. It's no wonder, as it was a product of the legendary John M. Browning’s mind. This classic was one of the most flexible autoloaders of its day, able to shoot a wide variety of loads, thanks to Browning’s ingenious reversible friction ring. Before this point, most autoloaders were only capable of cycling specific loads. To boot, the Auto-5 would chew through shells rain, shine or choked with duck marsh mud. Despite Browning ceasing the production of the original A5 in 1999, they can still be found at a reasonable price, for shotgunners willing to do some digging for this true classic. A few years back, Browning also reintroduced a version of this classic using a short-recoil operated system it has dubbed Kinematic Drive.

If there is one gun that might do it all, short of long-distance work, it's the shotgun. The jack-of-all-trades is an absolute bruiser in a fight, arming shooters with overwhelming firepower. Shotguns have literally taken nearly every game species know to man, from the very smallest to the absolute largest (we're talking elephants here people). And finally, certain specimens are among the most elegant and coveted guns ever forged from from blued steel and walnut. Honestly, if your gun safe is devoid of a shotgun it is truly not complete. Thankfully, the firearms world is brimming with excellent examples, many among the most affordable guns around. So what are you waiting for? Check out these 10 classic shotguns you've got to own and find that smoothbore that can do it all for you.

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