SHOT Show 2016: IWI Introduces Tavor X95


With a slew of releases this past year, Israel Military Industries has been a flurry of activity. And the manufacturer shows no signs of slowing down this coming year.

IWI continued to expand its civilian firearms catalog at the 2016 SHOT Show, releasing the highly anticipated Tavor X95 at the Las Vegas convention. And while at first blush, the rifle appears similar to the models released a year ago, the firearm is filled with refinements.

The above video does a pretty good job of showcasing the new facets of the X95. And two of them have a real potential to make some bullpup converts, as they address some of the main hang-ups shooters may have moving to the unique platform.

First off, IWI has outfitted the new Tavor with a much snappier trigger, which breaks at around 5 to 6 pounds. The trigger creep and a heavier-than-usual pull of most bullpups have historically been turnoffs to many shooters.

The other aspect IWI refined was the magazine release, which on earlier models was located near the buttstock, where the magazine well is located. Now the ambidextrous release is situated just above and to the front of the trigger guard — similar to where it’s found on an AR-style rifle.

The Tavor X95 is sold chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO, but there are 9x19mm and .300 Blackout conversion kits available. The MSRP on the X95 is the same as the other Tavors, $1,999. The 9x19mm conversion kit is $899, while the .300 BLK has a $499 price tag.

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