Photo Gallery: 8 New 2013 Turkey Shotguns


Beretta A300 Outlander

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This Made-in-the-USA entry into the sub-$1,000 semi-auto shotgun market is billed as a younger sibling to Beretta’s popular and reliable A400 scattergun, but the A300’s gas-operated guts are closer to those used in the time-proven 391. The no-hassle, self-cleaning system is all but guaranteed to cycle reliably whether you’re patterning with light field loads or pounding longbeards with the heaviest 3-inch magnums. It does feature the A400’s machined aluminum receiver, which is milled to accept a red dot or scope as more and more turkey hunters are relying on optics in the woods. Both the trigger guard and forend cap are crafted from a durable polymer, most likely to help trim cost more than the gun’s weight, but are designed to hold up well nevertheless. Though wood and Max-4 camo versions are available, I prefer the black synthetic stock, which stands up to spring’s wet, muddy conditions and cuts about $60 off the retail price. ($775;

New Turkey Shotguns for 2013

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