We can’t expect to keep our heritage of shooting and gun sports if we don’t pass it on to the next generation of sportsmen.

Mentor“I landed in Des Moines [for the] Youth Hunter Education Challenge camp … . More than 100 young people … were participating. … Several of the events involved ‘live fire.’ In one particular event … [a] number of firing points were located along a ridgeline trail that led down through a heavy canopy of hardwood trees. To guide the student and ensure safety, each instructor/mentor placed his hand on the student’s shoulder. Thus connected, they moved together … . I watched this event through several rotations of students. As I did, the hand on the shoulder of the young person became spellbinding. I thought then, and think now, that in the hand of the instructor I also saw the hand of Roosevelt, the hand of Leopold, the hand of D’ing Darling. Each mentor’s touch was the hand of passage … heritage was passing to the next generation right before my eyes … .”—Jim Posewitz, Rifle in Hand, How Wild America Was Saved

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