Military Firearms

Mauser Q&A with Bob Ball

Bob Ball reviews one of the most treasured names in the history of firearms: the Mauser.

Warhorses: The 1903, M1 Garand and M14

With the current political environment leaving manufacturers of modern tactical rifles buried in upwards of six month or greater backorders, gun owners looking for battle-ready weapons would be wise to consider the proven classic tacticals like the Springfield 1903 or M1 Garand.

Luger Collecting Advice

Here is a sample chapter from the Standard Catalog of Luger.

AR-15 Spotlight: The Les Baer Custom Police Special

This AR-15 should cost a lot more than $1690. Here's a quick look at a custom AR-15 priced well that doesn't skimp on quality.

Hands On! AOM150 Paratrooper Model Revives a Classic

The M-1 Carbine Paratrooper Model is back. This .30 caliber rifle with a walnut stock and folding buttstock is as true a reproduction of the original as can be made.

The Black Sheep of the Family? AR-15s as Collectibles

Is the AR-15 somehow beyond the pale of legitimate, serious gun collecting? I used to think so, but I've changed my mind. Let's examine why some otherwise well-balanced gun collectors don't pursue the AR-15.

Mauser Q&A with Bob Ball – Part 1

Few people know as much about the venerable Mauser as Bob Ball. If you love these german rifles, or are considering buying one, this Q&A is for you.

Camp Perry 2008 Report

A report and photos from Camp Perry 2008!





Video: Running The 45 Drill

While simple in concept, the 45 drill is challenging in execution and when mastered provides an excellent baseline for evaluating defensive handguns.